Company introduction of cement shomal

The shomal cement company (public joint stock company) was founded in September 21, 1954 and with the registration number 4492 was registered in the Company Registration Office and Industrial Property of Tehran and was accepted in the Tehran Stock Exchange in March 1968.

The first production line with a capacity of 100 tons per day was operated in 1956 in which wet cement method was applied. In late 1967, the white cement was produced for the first time in the middle east by changing the gray production line to a white production line. The machines applied in this production line are manufactured by G.H.H Company. The second production line with a capacity of 200 tons of gray cement per day was operated in 1971. The wet method was also used for the production of clinker in this line and the machines applied in this line are manufactured by FLS Company.

The third production line with a capacity of 2200 tons per day was operated in 1979 by KHD Company. In 2008, the project of increasing the capacity of the third production line from 2200 tons per day to 4000 tons per day was conducted by Cemag Company. However, due to some design defects the capacity of the line did not reach 4000 tons per day before July 2016. By the grace of God and the efforts of the colleagues, with the change made in the line the production of the third line has reached the nominal capacity (4000 tons per day) since July 2016.

  • Company’s capital: 826,977,870,000 Rials containing 826,977,870 shares each with the value of 1000 Rials
  • Factory’s capacity: 4000 tons of gray cement and 260 tons of white cement per day
  • Products: Type II gray cement, pozzolanic cement, white cement, colored cement

Shomal Cement Company Achievements

  • Quality management system certification (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental management system certification (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational health and safety management System certification (OHSAS 18001)
  • Energy management system certification (ISO 50001)
  • Laboratory quality management system certification (ISO 17025)
  • CE mark approval for exporting to Europe
  • GOST standard for exporting to Russia and CIS countries
  • Winner of the prize for obeying consumer rights
  • Winner of the excellent award as the best resistive economy management
  • Winner of the golden award for being the first choice of contractors of cement industry and construction companies

Indicators and privileges

  • Having 3 production lines and the possibility to produce gray, white and colored cement
  • Producing very high quality cement, exceeding the national standard requirements
  • Being a wellknown brand in the market
  • Having a suitable geographic position, being close to the largest cement consumer market (Tehran) and covering a large part of the internal market
  • Having suitable access to transportation fleet
  • Having a wide variety of customers (construction projects in Tehran, different organizations)
  • Aligning the performance of all its departments with the national and international standards
  • Starting white cement export to Iraq and receiving the relevant permit
  • Monitoring continuously energy performance (identifying and reducing energy waste)

Product Quality Indicators

Cement Type Quality Indicator Dimension Standard Achievement
gray cement 3 day compressive strength Kg/cm2 100 225
gray cement 7 day compressive strength Kg/cm2 175 340
gray cement 28 day compressive strength Kg/cm2 315 470
white cement 3 day compressive strength Kg/cm2 110 230
white cement 7 day compressive strength Kg/cm2 175 300
white cement 28 day compressive strength Kg/cm2 315 420


Clinker Type white gray
C3S 60 58
C2S 21 18
C3A 11 6-7
C4A3 1.40 10
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